December 22 -Dec. 29





Our exceptional curated tours take you from the urban neighborhoods of Accra in the central region, to the Mt. Afadjato and Akosombo in the Volta Region, to the markets of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region. We’ll also visit Takoradi or Tadi as the locals say it in the Western region and motorcycle city, Tamale in the Northern region. And so much more! Come for one week or two*.

We’ll travel to Cape Coast to see where our ancestors took their last bath at Assin Manso and Elmina Castle where they left the shores of their beloved land, never to return. On the way we’ll visit Kakum National Forest and walk among the thrilling treetop canopy 130 ft in the air.
Receive your Day Name during a traditional naming ceremony held in your honor and enjoy a celebration of culture with traditional musical artists, dancers, and acrobatic performers. Enjoy delectable Ghanaian cuisine and engage with the locals at popular restaurants and entertainment spots.

*Come for two weeks and visit the Volta, Central, Ashanti and Western regions of Ghana.


  • Black Star Plaza
  • Kwame Nkrumah Museum
  • Aburi Botanic Gardens
  • Labadie Beach
  • BOJO Beach
  • Accra Museum
  • Nkyinkyim Museum
  • CHALE WOTE Art Festival
  • Makola Market
  • Accra Art Center
  • Elmina Castle
  • Kakum National Forest
Day 1 :
Arrive in Accra, Ghana with pickup service from Kotoko International Airport to lodging at Bojo Beach Resort.

For dinner, get your first taste of Ghana in a cultural Welcome Reception Dinner and Naming Ceremony at beautiful Osikan Ocean Rock Retreat Center.

Day 2 :

Immerse yourself in Ghanaian history, culture, and art during this city day tour. We’ll start at Black Star Plaza and then make our way over to the Kwame Nkrumah Museum. We’ll get started with souvenir buying early with a stop at the Accra Art Center, where you’ll be able to find carvings, leather goods, traditional Kente fabric (stay a second week and learn to make it) and so much more. Even learn how to carve your own table! We’ll finish the day off with dinner at +233 Jazz Bar & Grill, Accra’s premier live music venue. Get your rest because there’s an early start the next day as we head to the western region.

Day 3 :

We travel to Cape Coast in the central region and start our day amongst the treetops along the canopy walk adventure at Karkum National Park. We will take a short hike to reach the canopy at 130 feet above the ground, walk across over 1,000 feet of sturdy walkway made of wire rope, aluminium, wooden planks, and strong safety netting to keep you from plummeting off the trail. Even the faint of heart can handle this adventure!

Our next stop will be Elimina Castle, where you will witness the dungeons that once housed our ancestors, the dingy, dimly lit corridors that lead to the “door of no return”, and the breathtaking view from the pristine cannoned terraces that look out over the Palm tree-lined shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

Check into Coconut Grove Beach Resort. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner then join in a sunset meditation and candle lite vigil in honor of our ancestors.

Day 4 :

We’re off to Asimanso where our ancestors took their last bath before walking to Elmina Castle and others along the Cape Coast shores. We then continue on to Kumasi, within the Ashanti region, where we will visit the Kumasi Art Center, and Kumasi Market—the largest in Ghana. Check-in to our lodgings at The Lancaster Hotel and have dinner.

Day 5 :

We visit the palace of the Asantehene—Ashanti Kings and take a short trek to visit the Adanwomase Kente Village where you will witness the traditional way of weaving Kente cloth fabric—made of silk and cotton and historically worn by royalty among the Akan tribe. We travel back to Accra and check into Bojo Beach Resort.

Day 6 :

We will immerse ourselves in nature with a trip to the Aburi Botanical Garden in the beautiful Aburi hills. Walk the trails of their immaculate grounds and refresh yourself with a picnic lunch under an exotic canopy of foliage and flora. We’ll culminate the evening with a farewell dinner and watch the sun go down on the beautiful terrace of Jerk Soul Rooftop Restaurant and Bar.

Day 7 :

Prepare for next day departure. For those attending Afro Future Fest (formally Afrochella), the festival grounds open by noon. You can avail yourselves of the festival all day and night. You will need to purchase tickets for this event separate of Dame Dame Tours. This is a very popular event. It is advised that you purchase tickets prior to your trip to Ghana to ensure ticket availability and avoid long lines.Day

Day 8 :

Week 1 friends checkout of lodging. Transport to Kotoko International Air provided. Depart Ghana.

Week 2 friends, arrive in Accra, Ghana with pickup service from Kotoko International Airport to lodging at Bojo Beach Resort.

2-week friends, its business as usual. Enjoy a second day of Afro Future Fest and or attend the cultural welcome reception dinner and naming ceremony at Osikan Ocean Rock Retreat Center for our new touring friends.

  1. Cost Includes

    • accommodation
Ghana map with 16 regions


A full refund will be provided if Dame Dame Tours CANCELS the event. Travelers who for some reason are unable to make a trip can request that unused funds be applied to a different or future travel opportunity. It is recommended to all travelers purchase travel insurance to protect their trip from unforeseen circumstances. Please contact customer service at 773 715-3645 or email with your request.

In case you cancel your trip, the following scale of charges will be applied:
● From the date of booking until 61 days before your arrival date, 25% of the entire tour price will be charged.
● Between 60 and 31 days before your arrival date, 50% of the entire tour price will be charged.
● Between 30 and 15 days before your arrival date, 75% of the entire tour price will be charged.
● Between 14 and 1 day before your arrival date, 100% of the entire tour price will be charged.

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