North Campus of University of Education, Winneba

Winneba masquerade festival

These men catches deer to celebrate Aboakyer festival in Ghana

Winneba is a town and the capital of Effutu Municipal District in Central Region of South Ghana. Winneba has a population of 55,331. Winneba, traditionally known as Simpa, is a historic fishing port in south Ghana, lying on the south coast, 140 kilometres (90 mi) east of Cape Coast


From pre-colonial times through the establishment of the British colony the Gold Coast, (Effutu) Winneba served as a port townFort Winneba was built here.

The people of Winneba (Efutu) were led by their fearless spiritual leader and warrior, Kwamena Gyarteh Ayirebi-Gyan with the support of a large youthful militia called the Asafo Groups made up of both men and women. He ensured that his people were well protected from external attacks by other migrating families, clans, diseases or want of food.

Industry & Culture

The main industries of Winneba are fishing and services. It is known for the Aboakyer deer-hunting festival in Winneba and its New Year fancy dress carnival/masquerading festival. The town has a rich musical tradition and currently boasts of several renowned musical groups in the country, including the Winneba Youth Choir, the Osimpam Ompeh group, and the Akoo show Choir. Winneba Senior High School is the only major public secondary cycle educational institute available in this town.

The University of Education, Winneba has its three main campus in Winneba (South Campus, Central Campus, and North Campus).



Masquerade festival, popularly known as  Fancy Dress Festival, is held every new year among the people of Winneba. Its attracts a large number of tourists from around the world. It is the second most popular festival in Winneba. The festival is held in a football park at the North campus of the University of Education, Winneba by the five main masquerade groups. They come together and compete amongst themselves to select the winner for the trophy. These groups consist of Nobles as number one, Egya as number two, Atumu as number three and Red Cross as number four and Royals as number 5.

Aboakyer festival is a bushbuck hunting festival celebrated by the people of Winneba in the Central Region of Ghana. The name Aboakyer translates as ‘hunting for game or animal in Fante dialect as spoken by the people of the Central region. The institution of the festival was to commemorate the migration of the Simpafo (the aboriginal name of the people of Winneba).

The Aboakyer Festival is being celebrated by the people of Effutu, who were among the earliest settlers of Ghana, for an uncountable number of years. It sprang up when the Effutu people departed from Western Sudan and journeyed to the present town of Winneba in the Central Region of Ghana. They came with their god, known as Penkye Otu