Western Region


Nzulezo is a village located near the village of Beyin, 90 kilometers west of Takoradi, in the Jomoro District jomoro the Western Region of Ghana. Over 500 people live in the community.

Nzulezu overlooks Lake Tadane, and is entirely made up of stilts and platforms. In 2000, it was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a major tourist attraction area. The site is increasingly a source of tourism, with tourist coming to experience the village as well as a local alcohol produced in the village.

The name “Nzulezo” in the Nzema language means “water surface”, and is a village on stilts of “Ewuture” origin situated close to the northwest shore. The “Ewuture” maintained the waterways and transportation of goods and people

Fancy Dress Festival

Masquerade festival, popularly known as  Fancy Dress Festival, is held every new year among the people of Winneba. Its attracts a large number of tourists from around the world. It is the second most popular festival in Winneba. The festival is held in a football park at the North campus of the University of Education, Winneba by the five main masquerade groups. They come together and compete amongst themselves to select the winner for the trophy. These groups consist of Nobles as number one, Egya as number two, Atumu as number three and Red Cross as number four and Royals as number 5.