Canopy Walk

Opened on Earth Day in 1995, the canopy walkway consists of seven separate bridges that hang from the trees over 130 feet above the ground. Across over 1,000 feet of walkway, the bridges look as though they are constructed like a traditional rope bridge made from the materials of the forest, however the sturdy spans are made of wire rope, aluminum, and wooden planks, and even have safety netting to keep people from plummeting off the trail. Located in the thick tropical jungle of Kakum National Park, the canopy walk was actually designed by a pair of Canadian engineers and five Ghanaians.

The canopy walk in Kakum National Park, Ghana, is claimed to be the only canopy walkway in Africa. It offers a spectacular view over the rainforest from high up in the trees, a place not so obvious for people to reach.

Although you probably won’t spot any wildlife, the canopy walkway is a really fun experience that’s not so far from the city of Cape Coast.

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